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Student Recommendation from Internet Communication Spring 2017

Dr. Perreault’s Internet Communication class was very insightful and intriguing into todays “internet and technology” world. When I took this class, I was shown through lecture, demonstration, and class discussion/projects how the internet is shaping the way humans think and communicate in such a huge technology driven society.

Some examples of how we effectively discussed Internet Communication were class projects such as developing websites for a certain company or profession. Today, most people especially millennials will go to the internet first when researching or just viewing a new business or other form of need or entertainment. Our task was to construct a website that was both intriguing and efficient for our web audience. In class, we learned about organization and accessibility so that the audience or customers can get the information they need in the most simple and entertaining way.

Another aspect of the class that was helpful and enjoying was the individual blog posts made by the students on either internet topics, personal, or guest speakers. For me as a student, it was a chance to really come out of my shell and express my interests and ideas with research and enthusiasm. This was extremely helpful because working now in a Television News Station (WFMY NEWS 2) in Greensboro, North Carolina I am constantly expressing my opinion online either with our website or social media on different news topics. I can communicate information to our staff and viewers that is helpful and needed. This assignment is a great way to help students when they get out into the professional world.

All in all, I am very happy with my experiences and education in Dr. Perrault’s Internet Communication class. It gave me a lot of tools and help in communicating in the digital age of society. I would recommend this class to all varieties of students, not just communication. Because, in today’s world, we all use the internet whether in big or small quantities. If we are to find success with the internet and today’s technology, we must be able to understand it’s components and communicate through it efficiently and that’s exactly what this class did.

Dylan McMurry, Production Assistant

WFMY News 2

Greensboro, North Carolina

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