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Student Recommendation Crisis Communication Spring 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed Crisis Communication with Dr. Perreault. I signed up for the class as a final elective before I graduated and this class was just right. The class was very interactive and we worked in groups all semester. This was something that gave me pause when I first heard it, but the way Dr. Perreault assigns projects makes it easy for everyone to play their part and be judged fairly.

The material for the class was not super technical or loaded down with jargon. We had a lot of conversations in class about current events because this material is so easy to relate to it. Because of this class, I started to see current events differently. I used to think that crisis could only mean something like a hurricane or tsunami. However, Dr. Perreault did this amazing job of showing us how anyone can have a public crisis. This class opened my eyes about a lot of different job market oppportunities. Dr. Perreault also brought in a great variety of speakers who worked in all facets of crisis communication. We met a man from the university who was in charge of coordinating the procedures for how to respond to crisis and leading practice sessions. There were jobs that I did not even know existed but have significant value because, as you'll learn, crisis can happen to anyone and only those who are prepared have a chance to survive. Dr. Perreault is a relatable and kind-hearted human being. Having her as a professor was a pleasure. Even when I was having personal problems, she did everything she could to make my experience in class a successful one. Dr. Perreault's passion for this subject and her students can not be questioned. She is knowledgeable, dedicated, and encouraging. My experience in crisis communication is one that I will never forget. I am so glad that I took the class. I have learned so much that I can actually apply to my own life outside of school. Having experience in crisis communication makes you a more prepared individual in the work force and taking the class from Dr. Perreault will ensure that you will be equipped to handle any crisis, especially professionally.

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