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Student Recommendation Crisis Communication Spring 2017

Dr. Perreault’s crisis communication class is great because she cares about student learning and understanding. She accomplishes this by having multiple examples for course concepts, and relates them to real-world circumstances when possible. The variability in possible crisis communication scenarios is displayed exceptionally in this class. She presented case-studies that ranged from managing the crisis of 9/11 to the Domino’s employee video crisis.

Throughout the semester, there were plenty of in-class exercises and activities that prepped students for possible scenarios they may take on as crisis communicators. From group projects to press conferences, Dr. Perreault allowed us to practice numerous roles. This practice was helpful because it allowed us to run through hypothetical high-pressure situations in a low-pressure environment.

During the semester, there were bi-weekly journal assignments. The process of journaling about my personal experience in the class helped the concepts become more ingrained in my mind. I feel like this is one of the best elements of the course because it enables students to reflect on how the material affects them and how it may apply to their career in communication.

The textbooks and articles that she selected all served a purpose. There was never a moment where it felt like there was busy work, or unnecessary reading assignments. Overall, the class was presented in a way that students came away with both a practical and theoretical view of crisis communication. This class is great for anyone looking to understand crisis communication on a deeper level. Dr. Perreault has truly perfected the process of taking her personal expertise as a communication professional and channeling it into her teaching.

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