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Student Review Crisis Communication Fall 2016

Dr. Perreault’s class offered me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and understanding in crisis communication. I was able to spend the vast majority of the semester working on real world situations in which I was able to apply classroom readings and lectures regularly. The classroom lectures were very well put together and interesting, constantly relating the information and curriculum to real world situations. However, much of the learning experience from this class came from out of class group work. Throughout the semester, I had the opportunity to work with a group on a regular basis creating everything from a crisis plan for a local organization to case studies. In addition to much of the real world experience through our work, one of the most beneficial aspects to these group projects was having the opportunity to work with the same group throughout the semester. Working with the same group throughout the entire semester gave me the opportunity to create working relationships with group members as well as adapting my working styles with my fellow group members. Overall, I would definitely recommend this class for anyone attempting to work in any field of communication. This class prepared me to handle crisis situations in the workplace by both increasing my confidence and overall knowledge in the area.

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