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Student Review of Crisis Communication Fall 2016

I had the pleasure of having Dr. Perreault for Crisis Communication in the Fall 2016 semester at 8 a.m. Classes chosen at 8 a.m. are normally mediocre at best but Dr. Perreault’s class was challenging and interesting. I learned a substantial amount in this class despite the course’s challenges thanks to Dr. Perreault’s method of teaching and understanding of the material.

Crisis communication is a course that you definitely want to take into consideration. I learned a great deal about what crisis communication is about and how you can foresee events and potentially prevent them. Although the material is somewhat challenging, you will get to know the details of what makes a crisis and how to diminish it no matter the situation. As a public relations major, I found this course to be riveting to myself personally and professionally as you can develop skills to invest in your future endeavors such as being completely detailed and transparent with the public. Learning how to write, understand, and implement a crisis communication plan is a valuable skill that is transferrable across all areas of study.

I would not know that valuable skill if it was not for Dr. Perreault. She has a well-organized and thought out teaching style that allows you to be “hands-on” with the material. Dr. Perreault would always engage the class in real-world crisis that occurred so that we may get an idea of what went wrong or right for that situation. Being a student who learns by example, she certainly provided them with every new material presented in class. Her connections to real-life occurrences to the material in the course allowed me to learn the material and implement it. Now I can write and understand any crisis plan that I need to. Being able to have that skill is something I can use for my future career. I consider crisis communication a valuable course and Dr. Perreault is an outstanding teacher for it. I highly recommend taking Crisis Communication with Dr. Mildred Perreault.

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