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Student Review Intro to Journalism Fall 2016

Dr. Perreault's Intro to Journalism class is a great demonstration of the basic tenets and layout of news writing.

Those interested in this class should know it is not a waste of time. No busy work here, just practice of the specific news writing style which is important. Dr. Perreault takes the time to give feedback to each and every student so that they may learn from their mistakes. The most helpful practice is her use of examples from our papers.

She displays anonymous bits of papers and allows the class to discuss what works and what doesn't. This critique is vital for learning common mistakes and simple correction tactics. I suggest that anyone interested in any form of writing take this class to gain a well rounded perspective on writing styles. Dr. Perreault is a great teacher who genuinely cares about each student and strives to help them achieve their own writing goals.

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