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Student Review Crisis Communication Fall 2016

My first time learning of Dr. Perreault came when I signed up for the Fall 2016, Crisis Communication Class. As always, I began my search for a professor through Rate My Professor and settled on Dr. Perreault when I couldn't find a single bad review and past students spoke on how "down to earth" Dr. Perreault is. After reading the reviews, I was excited for the class to begin and Dr. Perreault definitely did not disappoint.

Being a younger professor, Dr. Perreault really knows how to relate to her students yet still presented herself in a professional yet very easy to approach manner every class period. While it was an 8:00 am class, Dr. Perreault always welcomed and encouraged class discussion which helped to create an incredible classroom atmosphere.

With most classes, there is something people hear every student often complain about and that is something seeming pointless to do. With Dr. Perreault's class, this isn't so. From the three extensive, yet engaging and energizing, group projects to the individual case studies and the lectures, everything serves a purpose. The purpose is to really learn everything there is to know about how to communicate during times of crisis. Her mock press conference project is something every student can enjoy as it puts you in a situation of dealing with a fake crisis and it's really enjoyable. Dr. Perreaults provides a new and much deeper way to think about crisis communication as she talks through her lectures, which are very entertaining and easy to follow.

Dr. Perreault cares about her work, she cares about her school, she cares about her family and best of all, treats her students like they're a member of that family. Overall, I would recommend Dr. Perreault to anybody as she truly is one of the best out there."

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