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Student Recommendation COM 3312 Crisis Communication Spring 2016

My experiences with Dr. Perreault began when I was able to have her as a professor for the crisis communication course I was signed up for. My previous experiences in the communication department consisted of a mixture of both good and bad encounters with various instructional methods. I found that much of the education system I was immersed in lacked a fresh view. Much of my education had been focused on learning material for an exam with no real world application to the material that had been taught.

Dr. Perreault brought a new view to learning. The course challenged me to think outside of the box in the realm of communication. I was forced to find answers to the questions being asked by applying case studies and past public relations principles to the complex situations presented to me. Dr. Perreault’s approach to learning is refreshing and exciting. This is the educational experience that students have been so desperate to see in our education system for many years. The course focused on teamwork, building professional relations with individuals who strive to enter similar fields of study and quick thinking. We developed keen evaluation of real world situations and how to develop a plan to respond effectively and professionally to those situations.

I was fortunate and lucky as a student to have Dr. Perreault as a professor. Her style used for instruction challenges students to not only know the information at hand, but to also apply the material to real world scenarios that may one day plague the business or individual that we work for. In a course that began with me sitting on the fence as to whether or not I was going to continue studying public relations, this course pulled me off the fence and inspired me to continue as planned.

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