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Student Recommendation COM 3312: Crisis Communication and COM: 3317 Social Media Strategies (Spring

In my junior year I was able to have Dr. Perreault for two classes, Social Media Strategies and Crisis Communication. In Social Media Strategies, Dr. Perreault really challenged our class to go outside of their comfort zones and engage themselves in social media like we never had before.

Through her expertise and guidance, the class was able to compose their own blogs, some, including myself, were inspired enough to capture a domain name to continue these projects. Along with the blog, Dr. Perreault challenged us to work with a small business to help compose a social media plan, giving us valuable experience that we can take directly into the working world. This class was highly successful because of how focused it was on preparing us for any real world job in this field.

The other class I was able to take with Dr. Perreault was Crisis Communication. In this class we spent extensive time looking at real life crisis cases to study how they were handled. Dr. Perreault was also able to bring in special guests who were able to share information on their unique experiences in the field. The part of the class that I really enjoyed, much like the social media class, was the real experience we were able to garner during our time. This included developing crisis cases and an actual press conference.

Overall Dr. Perreault was an extremely hands on teacher. She was extremely efficient in communicating with the class and responses were extremely quick regarding emails. It is easy to tell the emphasis is on teaching rather than grading, with that being said I highly recommend Dr. Perreault as a professor.

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