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Student Recommendation COM 3317: Social Media Strategies (Fall 2015) and COM 3312: Crisis Communicat

I had the pleasure of having Dr. Perreault for two different classes within the Communication department. I was in her first class at App State, Social Media Strategies, in the fall of 2015. Because she was a new professor in the department teaching a senior level class, we all assumed we would have it easy! However, Dr. Perreault showed us almost immediately that she was there to teach and we were definitely going to learn. She extensively challenged us all semester and proved that she planned to turn us into professional social media strategists. Although the workload sometimes seemed heavy and we spent every class period working or taking notes, Dr. Perreault found multiple ways to make class fun. We did a town-wide social media scavenger hunt, created our own blogs and wrote on topics we enjoyed personally, and even had a pizza party at the end of the semester. Social Media Strategies was an amazing learning experience for me, especially because I had Dr. Perreault as a professor.

I was also able to take another of Dr. Perreault's classes this year: Crisis Communication. As a public relations major, I had taken many classes that dealt with working strongly in a crisis. However, this class broadened my skills and knowledge in this field tenfold. This was another subject that Dr. Perreault proved she is passionate about and has much experience with. Every class revolved around real-world case studies and situations that she had been in personally. This brought connection, relatability and interest to the topic. She also formulated the class to be as equally lecture-based as interactive. We worked in group projects for the entirety of the semester and she kept the conversation in class every day. I also loved doing mock press conferences in class because it was a tangible learning experience for me as a public relations specialist and crisis communicator.

Dr. Perreault was an amazing professor and I thoroughly enjoyed all of the time I was able to spend in her classes this year. She was an intelligent professor who also made huge efforts to reach out to each student individually on a personal level, especially myself. I would highly recommend Dr. Perreault as a professor to students in the future and I would like to thank her for the wonderful impact she has had on my academic career.

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