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Recommendation COM 3312: Crisis Communication

I had Mimi Perreault as my Crisis Communication professor in Fall 2015 at Appalachian State University. From the very first day, she always made sure students knew how important it was to turn in their assignments on time and take each assignment seriously. I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I first entered this class. That was mainly because I am a Political Science Pre-Professional major and this was a class primarily for Public Relations majors. But she showed me that having skill in crisis management is vital in being successful in any field of work.

Professor Perreault was always really understanding of personal circumstances. It was understood that we were expected to come to class prepared and inform her in advance if we couldn’t make it. Absences can impact the final grade but she made it known that she was not out to fail students because of excessive absences. She provided us with more than enough extra credit opportunities to gain some points back for the absences. I thought that this was really unique, considering I have no professors who would go out of their way to do this for their students.

I personally enjoyed Professor Perreault because she was not afraid to touch on issues that were very sensitive. She is very conscious of the world and brings knowledge of culture to the classroom. She always shared her personal experiences, which made her easy to relate to. She made her students feel comfortable to be in the class and share their thoughts, though we didn’t talk as much as we could have cause it was 8 in the morning. Nevertheless, I was always listening.

This is such an awesome class and if there were any class that I could suggest to take in the morning, it would be this one. The content is useful for every major and crisis management is a skill to have overall. The professor is very well versed and knowledgeable in the topic, so you will definitely learn a lot!

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