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Student Recommendation COM3317: Social Media Strategies Fall 2015

I am a Political Science major who decided to add a Communication minor. This required me to take 6 Communication courses. I had taken only one other Communication class prior to taking Professor Perreault’s Social Media class. During the first week of class I met with Professor Perreault regarding the direction of the course and to let her know that I was new to the Communication Department. Professor Perreault was easy to get along with from the start. She did not talk down to me being a new student in the field. She suggested I call her by her first name if I was comfortable and she assured me that she would be available through email and office hours. If, at any point, I felt lost or left behind, she would be glad to work with me individually to get through it.

The Social Media class required a lot of time and effort of her students. However, what impressed me most about Mimi as a professor was her dedication to the class and to ensuring we got started on the right path. For example, she completed the outside certifications, like Hoot suite, Ad Words and Google Analytics with us. Therefore, she was familiar with the tools and the process of registering them. This meant if we had questions, she could answer them in detail because she was familiar with the process that we were going through. She also encouraged us to branch out and try new outlets and experiences.

Mimi possesses an extensive knowledge of the topics she teaches. She was passionate about the subject matter. She had a multitude of outside sources that were very knowledgeable about the various aspects of social media. These outside resources gave us a more in depth and practical understanding of the topics we talked about in class. I believe that the variety of different teaching vehicles and styles as well as outside guests made Mimi a more effective teacher – appealing to her students, all of whom learn most effectively via different ways.

What sets Mimi apart from other professors is her eagerness to bond with her students. She genuinely cares about the well-being of her students. I am a student athlete and had her class during my competitive season. She made traveling out of town to games easy as it related to staying up to date in her class. She was always available - whether it was setting up her laptop so students could Skype in to catch a lecture they were missing, or her timely monitoring and responding to student emails.

Another one of Mimi’s strengths relates to her own communication and organization for the course. Class expectations and progress were communicated timely and effectively. There was never a question as to when something was due. She kept our syllabus and website updated daily and notified us of any changes. We had many assignments throughout the semester - she never once fell behind on grades. In addition to getting students’ work graded in a timely fashion, she also took the time to comment and provide feedback on everything we did. Even if it was as simple as “Great - Keep up the good work,” she wanted you to know where you stood in the class. Nothing was ever a surprise.

What Professor Mimi Perreault offers as a professor is unique compared to what many other professors offer. She is well educated, caring and compassionate not just for her students but also the material she teaches. She takes pride in her class and truly wants her students to learn, grow and succeed. She consistently worked hard to deliver a very high quality educational experience. She truly made an impact on my life as a student and a person. She truly exemplifies the qualities I would like someday to possess. She is a rare and talented individual and, if given the opportunity, I would take many more of her classes.


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