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Student Recommendation from J2100: News Writing

Sarah Rosselet, Senior Strategic Communication Student, University of Missouri School of Journalism

"I met Mimi for the first time in my first semester at the Missouri School of Journalism. I was sitting in a large conference room waiting for a speaker to start when we struck up a conversation. Before I even had her as a professor, she was kind, warm, and welcoming in conversation. After just our short meeting, she told me she would be teaching News Writing the following semester. One of the prerequisite classes required for all journalism majors is a News Writing class, and it was known as being a difficult, but rewarding, experience.

The next semester I signed up to take Mimi's class. She was just as warm and welcoming as a professor as she was a conversationalist. She lead our class with poise and she commanded the classroom when she lectured. Her experience in the field made lectures more interesting and applicable to our lives.

As a student who wanted to pursue public relations as opposed to a traditional reporting, I struggled with some of the more news-heavy assignments in News Writing. Mimi was as much of a mentor to me as she was a professor. She encouraged me to frequently attend her office hours, where she would go over assignments and areas for improvement. At the end of that semester my writing, grammar, and AP Style skills had all been strengthened because of Mimi's guidance.

Mimi is a fantastic professor who can lead an entire class in an engaging lecture, but also cares about each individual student's well being. Any student would benefit from having Mimi as a professor, and she is an asset to any university where she teaches."

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