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Dr. Perreault’s senior seminar class was one of the most important classes I took through my college career. She allowed us to voice our concerns and questions about life after college and always did her absolute best to make us feel confident about the changes that we...

Dr. Perreault’s Internet Communication class was very insightful and intriguing into todays “internet and technology” world. When I took this class, I was shown through lecture, demonstration, and class discussion/projects how the internet is shaping the way humans thi...

In signing up for Dr. Perreault's Social Media Strategies class this past semester I was unsure of what to expect, but on paper it seemed to be the most interesting communications elective offered. I can say confidently now that I am so happy I chose it. Not only was D...

I had the pleasure of having Dr. Perreault for two different classes within the Communication department. I was in her first class at App State, Social Media Strategies, in the fall of 2015. Because she was a new professor in the department teaching a senior level clas...

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Here are the portfolios (in progress) for my Public Relations Capstone course COM 4318 Spring 2018:

Meredith Abercrombie

Patrick Burrus

Victoria Buwick


Spring 2018 Capstone Portfolios

March 25, 2018

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