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Dr. Perreault’s senior seminar class was one of the most important classes I took through my college career. She allowed us to voice our concerns and questions about life after college and always did her absolute best to make us feel confident about the changes that we...

I thoroughly enjoyed Crisis Communication with Dr. Perreault. I signed up for the class as a final elective before I graduated and this class was just right. The class was very interactive and we worked in groups all semester. This was something that gave me pause when...

Dr. Perreault’s crisis communication class is great because she cares about student learning and understanding. She accomplishes this by having multiple examples for course concepts, and relates them to real-world circumstances when possible. The variability in possibl...

Dr. Perreault’s class offered me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and understanding in crisis communication. I was able to spend the vast majority of the semester working on real world situations in which I was able to apply classroom readings and lectures regula...

My first time learning of Dr. Perreault came when I signed up for the Fall 2016, Crisis Communication Class. As always, I began my search for a professor through Rate My Professor and settled on Dr. Perreault when I couldn't find a single bad review and past students s...

I had the pleasure of having Dr. Perreault for Crisis Communication in the Fall 2016 semester at 8 a.m. Classes chosen at 8 a.m. are normally mediocre at best but Dr. Perreault’s class was challenging and interesting. I learned a substantial amount in this class despit...

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Here are the portfolios (in progress) for my Public Relations Capstone course COM 4318 Spring 2018:

Meredith Abercrombie

Patrick Burrus

Victoria Buwick


Spring 2018 Capstone Portfolios

March 25, 2018

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