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            The first time I raised my hand to answer a question in Mimi’s Principles of American Journalism class, she didn’t critique my answer, correct my statement, or put me on the spot in front of my two hundred and something classmates....

Lily Zacharias, Entrepreneurial Journalism Student, University of Missouri School of Journalism 


"Mimi Perreault was my professor for Principles of American Journalism in Spring 2014. After introducing herself to the class on the first day, I immediately knew I would e...

Sarah Rosselet, Senior Strategic Communication Student, University of Missouri School of Journalism


"I met Mimi for the first time in my first semester at the Missouri School of Journalism. I was sitting in a large conference room waiting for a speaker to start when we...

From Teaching Assistant Brittney Durbin, Master’s Candidate at the University of Missouri


I met Mimi in January of 2014, when I was assigned as a teaching assistant (TA) for the J1100, Principles of American Journalism class she was instructing. It was my first semeste...

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Here are the portfolios (in progress) for my Public Relations Capstone course COM 4318 Spring 2018:

Meredith Abercrombie

Patrick Burrus

Victoria Buwick


Spring 2018 Capstone Portfolios

March 25, 2018

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